As a working parent, you have a lot going on. You want more family time, more professional wins, more support. We’re here to give you MORE opportunities to be the professional and the parent you want to be.


What we do

MORE is where you go to advance your business or career and to spend time with the people in your life who matter the most — without having to worry about the logistics and planning. 

At MORE we host family-friendly business and career development programs. We run a series of family-friendly networking events called Milk. Beer. Wine. And we help universities, companies and organizations build family-friendly business conferences, work spaces and environments. 

Welcome to The New MORE.



How we help you find your New MORE

You want to be successful at work, be an engaged partner and be involved in your family. We know it’s not always (ever?) easy. To help accomplish those goals, you can engage with MORE in the following ways:


Join the community

Connect with us on social media and through our blog and our podcast to engage in real conversations relevant to your life. You’ll find personal and professional guidance to help you navigate it all.


Connect in PERSOn

Join us for regular workshops, where we bring in experts who can share their experiences and advice to help you learn and grow. And you won’t want to miss our family-friendly networking events.


find time for family

Take advantage of our MORE Moments series, which are events designed to help you, your partner and your family experience more moments together. Because that’s what matters most.

In our shop

Whether you’re looking for the perfect piece of inspiration that reminds you why you do all of this or you’re on the hunt for a strategic workbook that helps you align work and family, the MORE Shop is the perfect place to start. We’re adding new products and downloads regularly, so keep checking back.