Realistic goal setting advice from 3 parentpreneurs


Stephanie Conner is the owner of content marketing firm Active Voice Communications, blogger at Kiddos Cook and a mom.

Thoughts on realistic goal setting from three parentpreneurs

Managing a family and a business is hard work. You know this. But if you’re like most parentpreneurs we know, well, you probably also believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well. You strive to be better every day. You set goals.

But here’s the thing with goals: As most of us know, they can get out of control. Lose 50 pounds! Double the size of our business! Write three books!

Yes, we’re high-achieving people, but we need to be honest with ourselves. Why set ourselves up for failure?

If you’re setting goals for 2017, consider the wise words of a few fellow parentpreneurs.

Nailah Blades Headshot.jpg


“Start with the large goal and then break it into small, manageable goals. Then, create tactics to reach each of those small goals.” 

— Nailah Blades, Wylie & Co.



“Don't have goals based on end results. Set micro-goals. Small goals by the day, hour, minute that are achievable and move you a step closer to your desired end result.” — Odeen Domingo, Co-Owner, CO+HOOTS



“I had to learn in the school of hard knocks what's reasonable. I had to learn about myself — what are my tendencies (I start out strong and enthusiastic and lose steam later when reality hits), and what are my blind spots? I had to learn how the world works and how to plan for it — expect setbacks and build in flexibility so that I can adapt to the things I didn't anticipate. 

Those things have helped me learn that I really can only focus on one or two big efforts at a time. For example, this year I worked on getting healthier as a person (diet, mindset and physical activity) and building a strong business foundation. 

Those are huge categories, but it's just two things. I can keep my head in the game when it's simple like that, and I can more easily make decisions about what to do and not do throughout the year.”— Joy Bennett, Joy Bennett Consulting

Looking for additional resources on goal setting? The Interwebs your local bookstore are full of them. Here’s just one place to start. And be sure to share your own advice in the comments too!