Introducing MORE Moments monthly photo shoots

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Kai-Saun and Amber are the founders of MORE. Amber is a strategist and owner of the business strategy agency Kayson. Kai-Saun is a photographer and the owner of Kai-Saun Photography.  The two live in Phoenix, AZ and are the proud parents of a very special, and active, little boy.

Capture MORE moments every month


Kids grow fast, and so do we. An expensive photo shoot session once a year, during the holidays, is not enough to capture your family's progress or those once-in-a-lifetime moments. For the same price as your holiday photo shoot, you can now capture more of your family's moments throughout the year.  

Every month we'll reserve three weekend days for professional photo shoots. Each shoot will be held at a different location in the Phoenix metropolitan area. You pick the location, date and time that's best for you. There's no limit to the number of sessions that you can attend per year, who you choose to include in your session or the type of shots that you capture.

Get a new headshot in January. Take couples pictures in February. Have shots of the kids taken in March, June, September and December with their grandparents. And take family photos in November. However you choose to use your time at the shoot is completely up to you. 

We're just here to help you, and your family, capture MORE moments together. 


What's included

  • up to 30-minute photo shoot session with a professional photographer

  • the delivery of 5 digital images, an online gallery and the option to purchase additional photos

  • an online gallery with the option to purchase a la carte photos and other products

  • access to a fashion stylist who can help you pick out your family’s outfits (limited availability)

  • Sessions are $150 each

How it works

  1. Photo shoot sessions are held three times a month.

  2. You pick the date, location and time for your session.

  3. You pay for your session in advance. Once your payment is received your shoot will be confirmed and we'll send you details on the exact shoot location.

  4. That's it!