My Moment: How motherhood helped me understand the value of time


Amber is the co-founder of MORE and Kayson, a business strategy agency. She is also the proud momma of a special, and very active, little boy.

I didn’t learn the true value of time until I became a mom. 

There's always more to do than there is the time to do it. And when you have children it feels like everything is moving at double the pace. Most of us don't notice it, because we're running on autopilot — until life happens and we're forced to step back and reflect on the things we've missed. And the value of time. 

I didn't learn the true value of time until I became a mom. 

I've always known that my time was valuable — after all, as a business consultant, my time is what people pay me for. But it wasn't until I had my son that I began to understand how important my time would be to me. 

My journey to motherhood was abrupt. My water broke when I was 31 weeks pregnant (nine weeks before my due date), and I delivered my son the next day. It was completely unexpected. I was a healthy, active, young woman. Kai was a healthy, active, young man. There wasn't a family history of prematurity; we didn't have any miscarriages nor did I experience any pregnancy-related complications. 

Life just happened. And when it did, what I wished I had more of was time.
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More time together before the baby came. More time to figure out our work situation. More time to take pictures of my growing belly. More time to hold him. More time. More time. More time. 

Accepting the reality — that I had delivered a preemie baby and my pregnancy was over — was hard for us. Really hard. But in hindsight, it was the best thing that could have ever happened to Kai and me. We learned so much about who we were — our values, our capabilities and how to find strength in each other. 

We also learned that it wasn't time that we were seeking; it was more moments.  

After our son was born, Kai picked up a camera and in the midst of everything began to capture our moments together. Today, those photos, those moments are what we cherish. 

Life will always happen. And time will never stop. But moments will last a lifetime.

Life will always happen. And time will never stop. But moments will last a lifetime. So as you work through your day, make sure to stop and make sure you’re making the time to capture more moments. 

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