Leading our Child by Example

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Kai-Saun and Amber are the founders of MORE and Tote + Pears, a female-focused agency. The two live in Atlanta, GA and are the proud parents of a very special — and very active — little boy.

At work, we’re expected to lead — and our job description gives us clear guidelines on what that looks like.  But what does leadership look like when we’re at home, and there are no job descriptions around to use as a foundation? What behaviors do we model for our children every day? What kind of role model do we want to be?

Kai and I talk about this all the time. Just the other day, we asked: What lessons are we modeling for our son, and what do we want him to take from our example? Here were our thoughts. We’d love to hear from you on this topic, too! Drop us a line at hi@thenewmore.co to share your answers or send us a voice message.


I want him to know it’s okay to be who he is. For the better part of my life, I made a conscious effort to conform to my surroundings, both personally and professionally. I learned early on that as a woman — a black woman, at that — it was best not to stick out, show anyone up, or be too different.

For a really long time, I just stuck to the status quo but after a while, trying to fit into a box started to eat away at me. It wasn’t until I had my son and realized that he is a lot like me that I realized I didn’t want the same thing to happen to him. I want him to fly. And in order to do that, I have to show him how to do so by getting comfortable in my own skin.


I want him to learn from other people's mistakes — ours included!

I see so much of myself in our son. He's so independent. So smart. He wants everything to be perfect, and he wants the space to do it himself. I can completely relate to him and love his passion, but I hope he learns from us that he'll get farther in life by learning from other people's lessons and mistakes, and that starts with us. I want him to learn how to take what we've created and use those lessons as building blocks versus starting from scratch.