Ep 1 Welcome to The New More


The New More  Amber & Kai-Saun Anderson, co-founders of MORE, have come together to kick off The New MORE podcast. In this episode, the two share their reasons for starting MORE, the meaning behind the phrase The New MORE and details on what you can expect from The New MORE podcast.  

Topics Covered

  • Welcome to the first episode on The New MORE podcast!

  • The birth of their son, Kayon, and how Amber and Kai started MORE

  • What you can expect from us from this podcast series

  • Honest conversations

  • Real-world sharing about what we’re rocking and what we’re not

  • A feeling you’re not alone in this crazy journey to be successful in business while prioritizing your family

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Produced by Kai-Saun Photography Music : Joakim Karud- By the Croft