Ep 4 Fathers and priorities


Amber and Kai-Saun sit down with fellow parentpreneur Nick Labadie to discuss life and business after baby, dad guilt and self-care, traditional/non-traditional family roles, and challenges and failures. During episodes one and two of The New MORE podcast we covered prioritizing family and self as a mompreneur. In this episode, we’re collecting insights from two dads.

Most conversations about family typically begin with women talking to women. Sometimes fathers are dismissed in these conversations, and we seek to change that by creating a platform for open dialog and discussions across the entire family spectrum. This show is about families sharing with families, whatever that family dynamic may be. We chose Kai and Nick to be on the show because of their varied experiences. Kai brings a unique perspective as he’s a new-time entrepreneur. Nick, a serial entrepreneur, shares his thoughts on how having children has changed him and his priorities. He discusses his opinions on maintaining and growing successful relationships with your partner, which begins with communication.

We believe that when the entire family takes part in these types of conversations, we have the opportunity to move forward and give each other the support we need to thrive. Be sure to check out this honest conversation between just a few of the admirable fathers in our community!




  • Father's views on family + work + life.

  • Role reversal. When the woman works and the dads spend time at home.

  • How life and business change after you get married/have children.

  • Dad guilt. We hear a ton about mom guilt. Is there such a thing as dad guilt?

  • Self-care for dads.

  • Challenges & failure.



Nick Labadie is a serial entrepreneur, husband and father of two young boys. A former assistant zoo keeper, snowboard instructor, outdoor guide, carpenter, activist, he has many talents up his sleeve.  

If he's not spending time with family, you can find Nick working on his current business venture, theupscout.com, a men's product discovery blog. He is also busy working as an urban planner and project manager based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

As a father of two young boys, Nick seeks to be actively involved in his children's upbringing and find the balance between work, family and life. "Improving what I can, enjoying what I can't," Nick Labadie.

Connect with Nick:  




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Kai-Saun and Amber are the founders of MORE. Amber is a strategist and owner of the business strategy agency Kayson. Kai-Saun is a photographer and the owner of Kai-Saun Photography.  The two live in Phoenix, AZ and are the proud parents of a very special, and active, little boy.

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