Ep 27 When less is MORE

Sometimes more growth means more work, more stress and more pressure...and that’s not always what I want.
— Stephanie Conner, Active Voice Communications


Amber Anderson and Stephanie Conner, Owner of Active Voice Communications, discuss scaling back professionally in exchange for more time at home. To grow or not to grow, that is the question. When less is MORE.


  • Grow. Grow. Grow. Grow your business. Lean-in. Do more. Whether you're a business owner or working professional sometimes, it can feel like the right answer professionally is always to do more. Amber and Stephanie talk about how their views on growth have changed since they became parents and how doing more now may mean taking on less.

  • Work and motherhood: The two share how their viewpoints on work, success, and growth have changed since they became mothers.

  • Redefining MORE. Stephanie shares how her views on time have influenced her career decisions.

  • MORE in the moment. Amber and Stephanie discuss living in the moment. The two talk passion projects. Stephanie shares the backstory for her newest venture, KiddosCook.


Stephanie Conner has more than 15 years of professional journalism, content marketing and public relations experience. She specializes in strategic content solutions that combine intelligent copywriting, savvy marketing and compelling storytelling.


Stephanie founded Active Voice Communications in 2009 and has a track record of award-winning work that has appeared in AAA Arizona’s Highroads, PHOENIX Magazine, Vim & Vigor and more than 20 other custom and newsstand publications. With a focus on healthcare and technology companies, Active Voice Communications helps clients develop content for print, online and social media distribution.

Stephanie’s work has helped market many prominent brands across the country, including the Cleveland Clinic Hospital System–East Region, Kaiser Permanente–Colorado, Baylor University Medical Center, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Healthways, MicroAge and the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce.

She has worked as an associate faculty member at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University, her alma mater. And for three years, she served on the board of the Phoenix chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators, where she led community involvement programming and member communications efforts.

She discusses business communication and content marketing — and offers free writing tips — on her blog and via Twitter @TheActiveVoice.



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Amber is the co-founder of MORE and Kayson, a business strategy agency. She is also the proud momma of a special, and very active, little boy.

Credits: Produced by Kai-Saun