Ep 6 The keys to a good relationship


Amber sits down with author, speaker and business/relationship coach and owner of Relationship Insurance, Lynda Bishop, to talk about the best ways to secure your greatest investment: your relationship with your partner/spouse.


  • Why does being in a relationship, running a successful business and raising healthy, happy and successful children feel impossible.

  • Great love doesn’t just happen; it is created. Most couples learned how to love from their parents or from others who told them that relationships are hard work and rarely last. We believed them. We fall in love, we fill with hope, we may even marry and then something goes wrong. We don’t have the tools to grow with our partners, to build what will last. We divorce, or settle into a compromise of “good enough” and let go of our dream.

  • How the relationship with parents influences relationships with spouses/partners and children.

  • Role reversals. Parents then vs Parents now.

  • Love and business. Managing the space between love and business. Moving forward in your business, while keeping your spouse/partner close/moving forward together.

  • When things are not working out. Dealing with conflicts. Knowing when to give up and when to try harder. When you have to let go. Managing the transition when there are kids involved.

  • Managing priorities.

Reconnecting with our spouse.

  • Remember your spouse post children. How to stay connected.

  • Date nights ideas for when you can not or are not OK leaving your kids behind.

  • Finding the time for self-care.

  • Keeping the romance alive with little ones.

  • How to keep the conversations going with your spouse.

  • How to address a parent who is there, but not present.

  • When you're the reason. Knowing when to look at the person in the mirror.


  • Lynda's latest book, Great Love, No Regrets!



Lynda Bishop is a dedicated leader of change as a 15 year entrepreneur with a masters degree in professional counseling who specializes in relationships and leadership development.

From working with multi-million dollar women business owners across the nation, to launching 10 new businesses each year with High School student CEO's, to leading a board of directors focused on building the next generation of brave and bold women leaders, everything Lynda focuses in on is rooted in supportive, healthy relationships.

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Amber is the co-founder of MORE and Kayson, a business strategy agency. She is also the proud momma of a special, and very active, little boy.

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