Ep 14 MORE of Me in April'17

The one person that I am ultimately accountable to is me.
— Stephanie Conner


We’re the dreamers and the doers who are constantly pushing ourselves to do MORE. More for our families. More in our careers. More in our businesses and more in our relationships. But the truth is, none of these items can grow unless we do.

Welcome to the first episode of The MORE of Me personal development series, a monthly podcast series dedicated to helping working parents find the time to do MORE for themselves.

The first Wednesday of the month on The New MORE podcast will be dedicated to personal development. We'll discuss challenges, bring in resources, set goals and share experiences that will make us all better. 

The MORE of Me series is hosted by Amber Anderson (co-founder of MORE) alongside Stephanie Conner (Owner of Active Voice Communications and Kiddos Cook) and Brandy Lawson (owner of Fieryfx).


  • Amber welcomes newcomer Brandy Lawson and reoccurring guests Stephanie Conner to the podcast.

  • The three talk about where they are with personal development and the reason for the MORE of Me personal development series.

  • The series will air the first Wednesday of each month and include resources. This month, the the topic is Strategic Thinking - how to become more strategic - and the go-to resource is The Miracle Morning

  • The 6 items to practice each day according to Miracle Morning (S.A.V.E.R.S): Silence, (meditation), Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading and Scribing. 


Stephanie Conner has more than 15 years of professional journalism, content marketing and public relations experience. She specializes in strategic content solutions that combine intelligent copywriting, savvy marketing and compelling storytelling.



Stephanie founded Active Voice Communications in 2009 and has a track record of award-winning work that has appeared in AAA Arizona’s Highroads, PHOENIX Magazine, Vim & Vigor and more than 20 other custom and newsstand publications. With a focus on healthcare and technology companies, Active Voice Communications helps clients develop content for print, online and social media distribution.

Stephanie’s work has helped market many prominent brands across the country, including the Cleveland Clinic Hospital System–East Region, Kaiser Permanente–Colorado, Baylor University Medical Center, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Healthways, MicroAge and the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce.

She has worked as an associate faculty member at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University, her alma mater. And for three years, she served on the board of the Phoenix chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators, where she led community involvement programming and member communications efforts.

She discusses business communication and content marketing — and offers free writing tips — on her blog and via Twitter @TheActiveVoice.

You can find Stephanie




Brandy Lawson, founder of Fieryfx, is a problem solver and world-class explainer.  She has an undergrad in marketing and caught the technology bug while working in sales for a tech company. 

The exposure to the world of programming opened her eyes to the bursting potential that technology has to elegantly resolve many of the challenges entrepreneurs face.

FieryFX is the second brand of her company. She originally launched as TekGrl, which was great - but occasionally people thought she did IT stuff (which she does not), and it didn't really reflect their growing service offerings or the people she was working with. So in late 2016, she re-branded to FieryFX.

She has structured her company so that she can continue to work directly with business owners and offer the expertise and specialization necessary for most of the digital marketing channels. To achieve that she partners with a curated team of experts that work with her to serve clients.

You can find Brandy at


Miracle Morning

6 items to practice each day according to Miracle Morning (S.A.V.E.R.S):

  • Silence (meditation)

  • Affirmations

  • Visualization

  • Exercise

  • Reading

  • Scribing

Sample Miracle Morning Journal: https://www.box.com/shared/static/n2q5sazv6o0ereixpu9p.pdf

Other Strategic Thinking Resources



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Amber is the co-founder of MORE and Kayson, a business strategy agency. She is also the proud momma of a special, and very active, little boy.

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