Ep 36 Life's a marathon

I didn’t realize until recently that we’re running a marathon and that other parents have been able to give their kids a head start.
— Amber Anderson, MORE


Amber and Kai, who are both in their late 30’s, talk about where they are today vs. where they’d hoped to be by this time in life. The two reflect on the sacrifices they’ve made, lessons they’ve learned, and the importance of staying the course.


  • Where we are in life. An accidental encounter with a big-time local entrepreneur and his wife have Amber and Kai questioning where they are in their life’s journey.

  • Big investments. Long-term gains. Amber traded in a successful career in tech for more time at home and a business of her own. This meant less money in the bank and lots of short-term sacrifices. How do you know if the sacrifices you’ve made are worth it? The two spark up a conversation about where they “should” be at their ages.

  • Keeping our eyes on the prize. The most successful businesses and families have had time to blossom over generations. As first-timers (first in their families to go to college, first to become entrepreneurs, first to have a successful marriage), it can sometimes be hard to recognize that you’re competing with others who have had a much bigger head start than you. The two discuss how putting blinders on has helped them run their race vs. getting wrapped up into the lives of others.


  • Joe Johnston Founder of Agritopia, Joe’s BBQ, Joe’s Farm Grill, Barn One and a variety of other entities.



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Kai-Saun and Amber are the founders of MORE and Tote + Pears, a female-focused agency. The two live in Atlanta, GA and are the proud parents of a very special, and active, little boy.

Produced by Kai-Saun Anderson

Music Joakim Karud - Say Good Night