Ep 37 Building Character

If we’re not there to mold our son’s character, someone else will step in and do it. We need to do it.
— Kai-Saun Anderson, MORE


Your character is your foundation — it’s who you are, how you behave, and how you treat others. We’ve all been in positions where our values were tested, and the same will be true for our kids. How do we help them build their character now so when they’re tested later in life, they can stand strong?  During this episode of The New MORE podcast, Amber and Kai-Saun are talking about character: theirs as individuals and the journey of shaping their son’s.


  • Who are you?  Amber and Kai reflect on their journey to find themselves — who they were as kids, their family structures, and how their paths are influencing their parenting. Amber talks about how being a strong and passionate black woman frequently got her into trouble. Kai talks about coming of age in a family where the focus was on the group and not the individual.

  • Molding a human.  Seeing similar traits in their son, the two discuss character and nature vs. nurture. There are so many lessons that the two want to instill in their son — how to love himself, how to treat women, how to treat other people. Then there are the lessons that are unique to him as an individual and his personality. How do you teach your child  to stay true to himself even when the world may treat or view him differently?

  • Creating the foundation — core values.  At the core of every human are that person’s values. Your values are your foundation. Amber and Kai-Saun reflect on a conversation that they had with a couple about values, the process of instilling them into their son, and the hope that he’s strong enough to deal with situations when his values are compromised.

  • Being there.  Today, we need more people with strong character and as parents, we’re the ones responsible for shaping the next generation. But how do we do that, especially during a time when there are so many distractions — social media, politics, bullies, etc?


  • Joe Johnston Founder of Agritopia, Joe’s BBQ, Joe’s Farm Grill, Barn One and a variety of other entities.



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Kai-Saun and Amber are the founders of MORE and Tote + Pears, a female-focused agency. The two live in Atlanta, GA and are the proud parents of a very special, and active, little boy.

Produced by Kai-Saun Anderson

Music Joakim Karud - Say Good Night