Ep 34 Raising Kids

There are so many things I didn’t anticipate — so many gaps between my plan and the reality of raising kids.
— Amber Anderson, MORE


What have been the biggest blind spots you’ve faced when it comes to raising kids? Amber and Kai reflect on the gaps they’re working through: community, education and finding their kid’s sweet spot within it, and more are discussed during this episode of The New MORE podcast.


  • An incomplete community: Life without family support. How important is a solid community to your child’s upbringing? After breaking away from their families, the two discuss the gaps that have been left behind, how important it is to fill them, and what steps they’re taking to do so.

  • The education system. What happens when your kid’s don’t fit the typical mold?. When they need more than just the standard structure that’s in place? Amber and Kai noticed early on that their son needed more freedom and have chosen to homeschool because of it.

  • Kid-friendly spaces — and the lack of ‘em.. We've noticed there are more dog-friendly spaces than kid-friendly spaces.

  • Letting go of perfection. When your child deviates from the norm, how do you handle that? Do you lean toward the need to “fix him” or are you more open to giving children space to be themselves? It’s a constant question in the Anderson household and the two touch on it in this episode.

  • Prioritizing “my” time. Balancing your need for your own time vs. the demands of having children is difficult. When one spouse is more adamant about protecting their personal time, where does that leave the other?


Ep 32 Having another: During this episode, Amber and Kai discuss balancing their desire for more children with the reality of what that would mean for their family. The couple also talks about finances, family dynamics, support, and postpartum depression and anxiety.  



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Kai-Saun and Amber are the founders of MORE and Tote + Pears, a female-focused agency. The two live in Atlanta, GA and are the proud parents of a very special, and active, little boy.

Produced by Kai-Saun Anderson

Music Joakim Karud - Say Good Night