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An honest conversation among parents about the space where work and family intersect. 

Join us every other Wednesday as we speak with working parents about their experiences running a business, managing a career, taking care of themselves, enjoying time with their partners and raising kids. 



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Wife. Mother. Business strategist and thought leader Amber is the founder of Kayson, a business strategy agency, and the co-founder of MORE.



Father. Husband. Photographer. Kai-Saun (pronounced "Ky Sawn" and known as Kai) is the founder of Kai-Saun Photography, and the co-founder of MORE.



In the last episode of Season 2, Amber and Kai discuss the holidays, traditions vs. routines and the steps they are taking to get their family ready for the new year. READ MORE


Amber and Bridges Conner discuss consumerism and how our need for "stuff" is taking us away from the people we love. READ MORE

Amber and Stephanie Conner discuss scaling back professionally in exchange for more time at home. To grow or not to grow, that is the question. When less is MORE. READ MORE

Amber and Kai get together to discuss the Las Vegas shooting and the perspective and priority changes that happen after experiencing a life-altering event. READ MORE

Amber and Robby Berthume get together to chat about entrepreneurship, homeschooling and living life outside the box. READ MORE

Amber and Kai sit down for a hard conversation about race relations in the United States and the role we, as parents, play in creating a better world. READ MORE

Amber sits down with Michael Barnhill, co-founder of Specialist ID, to talk about his multi-faceted approach to integrating fatherhood and business. READ MORE

Amber, Meghan Leatherman and Terri Wogan Calderón chat about the bump in the room – interviewing while pregnant and allowing babies at work.  READ MORE

Amber and Kai are back for Season 2 of The New MORE podcast. Listen in as the two talk about what you can expect from season two. READ MORE

Amber and Kai reflect on the past nine episodes. Amber shares her perspective. Kai shares his. The two close out season one with lots of lessons learned. READ MORE

Behind every mother's day is a woman with a story. In this episode, Amber sits down with her mother, Donna Turner, for an honest conversation about life through her eyes. READ MORE

Stephanie Conner and Brandy Lawson join us for this month's MORE of Me personal development series dedicated to helping working parents find the time to do MORE for themselves. MORE

Can working women have it all? Amber and Stephanie, owner of Active Voice Communications, share their perspective on the topic. READ MORE

Amber sits down with Jessica Mason Brown, Owner and designer at Ivy & Aster, a multi-brand bridal and bridesmaids company, to talk about work, stress, difficult births, depression, divorce, lessons and legacies. READ MORE Ep 15 and Ep 16

Amber brings in Stephanie Conner and Brandy Lawson for the first episode of The MORE of Me personal development series, a monthly podcast series dedicated to helping working parents find the time to do MORE for themselves. READ MORE

Amber sits down with Phillip Oakley, founder of Common Giant, to discuss caring for a family while managing life in a demanding career, his journey to entrepreneurship, divorce and being a single father. READ MORE                                           

Amber sits down with Jenny Poon and Odeen Domingo –  the founders of CO+HOOTS a co-working space, to discuss their journey to creating an integrated life. READ MORE

From a corporate job to walking his kids to school, lunch dates and coaching his son’s wrestling team, Scott Yewell shares his view of The New MORE. READ MORE

Amber and Kai reflect on the past nine episodes. Amber shares her perspectives, Kai shares his. The two also share a few changes that are coming to MORE. READ MORE

Life of Dad co-founder, Ryan Hamilton, to talk about his journey to fatherhood and the formation of the online phenomenon Life with Dad.


Joy Bennett shares lessons learned about priorities, work, business and family after her daughter, Elli, passed away in 2008 at the age of eight. 


Amber and Stephanie chat about reconnecting with a spouse post baby. Leveraging tips and insights from Ep 6 with Lynda Bishop of Relationship Insurance. READ MORE

Lynda Bishop, relationship expert, shares tips on how to secure your greatest investment: your relationship with your partner/spouse. READ MORE

Pamela Slim, award-winning author, speaker and business consultant, shares tips on how to saying no can open you up to saying yes to something else. READ MORE

Nick Labadie discusses life and business after baby, dad guilt and self-care, traditional/non-traditional family roles, and challenges and failures. READ MORE


Nailah Blades and Stephanie Conner discuss prioritizing yourself amongst competing business and family responsibilities.


Stephanie Conner shares her experiences as new mothers learning how to prioritize their families while managing their businesses. 


Amber and Kai-Saun, co-founders of MORE, share their reasons for starting MORE and what to expect from The New MORE podcast.